Probability Carnival Project

Looking for a fun probability project? The Probability Carnival will engage all your students with experimental and theoretical probability! Check out some student work below, followed by teacher instructions, a real teacher’s testimonial, and a link to make this project yours!


The Probability Carnival has become a fun math project for classrooms across America! I designed this a few years ago, and it’s become a highly anticipated yearly event at our school. We bring elementary students to the middle school classrooms and allow them to play the games and win prizes. It’s a lot of fun for everyone!

Students design and man a game with compound events. Students must submit a game proposal and get approved by their teacher, calculate the theoretical probability of winning each prize, and then collect data and determine experimental probability.

Check out what this teacher said:

Thank you so much for this fun activity! My 8th graders embraced the challenge of creating carnival games, and then my awesome colleagues also embraced it, and my team had a carnival day! We were outside the whole day playing the kids’ games – complete with a ticket booth! The kids loved it, and I have gotten nothing but compliments from our entire community! I can’t thank you enough! This will now be a yearly activity for our team!

See the project here. 

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